Loud Popping Sounds Can Be a Sign of an Exhaust Leak

If you're hearing loud pops or bangs coming from your vehicle's exhaust system, there's a good chance it's a sign that its exhaust system is leaking. You'll also notice a loss of engine performance such as reduced fuel economy.

Loud pops and bangs coming from your exhaust system are caused by fuel igniting in the exhaust manifold when the engine's timing is lost. The result is a loud explosion and a waste of fuel. A loss of back pressure in the exhaust system is a common cause of backfiring, but it can be caused by ignition problems as well, so it's important to diagnose the problem.

At Wichita Falls Ford, our trained service technicians can help you with any exhaust system problems your vehicle may be having. Bring it for inspection at our service center at 5401 Kell Blvd, or call ahead for an appointment.



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