Fading Headlights Are Common, and There Are Many Different Solutions for It

Your headlights are an area of your car, truck, or SUV that will wear out over time. There are many different reasons that this might happen, and as such, many different ways to fix it.

The most common reason for this to happen is when the lenses on the plastic housings fog over due to age and sun damage. This can be fixed by using many different polishing compounds that are available on the market today that are designed for this specific purpose. However, the best long-term solution to this problem is just to replace them with new ones altogether. Many drivers who swap out the housings will also replace the bulbs at the same time since those also wear out and dim over time until eventually burning out completely. High intensity LED bulbs have become increasingly popular.

If you need to have your headlights fixed or replaced then bring your vehicle into our service center here at Wichita Falls Ford.



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