How Electricity is Essential to Performance

The automobile, much like our own bodies, is dependent upon electricity in order to function. It powers some of the most essential parts of the car and makes driving more comfortable and secure. But how is car electricity created?

The alternator serves as a remarkable piece of technology that produces electricity from physical power. Inside of every alternator are rotors that continuously spin to generate an electric current in a process known as induction. This current is then sent to varied parts of the automobile. The battery, headlights, and inferior fixtures are all dependent on the alternator. However, alternators must be changed at an average of 60,000 miles for most vehicles. A good indication that you may need a new alternator are flickering headlights and warning signals on the battery indicator.

Sometimes alternator damage is more difficult to spot. In these instances, a checkup under the hood is advised, and this is where our Ford service team performs well. Any electrical issue with your car can potentially become a problem when on the road. Reduce your chances of getting stalled, and stop by Wichita Falls Ford at your convenience!

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