Ride in Safety and Comfort in a Ford C-MAX

The C-MAX from Ford provides drivers with some of the same modern features of a standard SUV while making the body more compact and manageable. It also includes a range of options that make it a popular choice in the hybrid category. The C-MAX includes a MyKey feature that you can program. This key fob may be able to help you improve your current driving habits. You can use it to activate a more restricted driving mode if you want to lend the vehicle to a friend or teen.

Once you put the C-MAX in reverse, the vehicle will activate a standard rear-view camera automatically. You can use this camera to see what's going on behind you as you leave your parking space or back the car up in a busy area. This camera is part of all C-MAX models. Please stop by Wichita Falls Ford Lincoln in Wichita Falls, TX and check out these and other great features.

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