Is the 2018 Ford Escape Right for You?

Heated seats? Check. Windshield defoggers? Check. Steering wheel warmer? Not always. The 2018 Ford Escape gives you all the conveniences you could ever ponder and more.

How many times have you tried to escape the cold weather only to find that the steering wheel of your vehicle is all but frozen? Cold steering wheels have been an issue for decades, yet few manufacturers have taken the plunge and attempted to provide a solution to the problem. Ford tries to champion the issue by providing a heated steering wheel that warms your hands as you drive. No more days of wearing gloves with heating packs inside to bring heat to your freezing fingers.

The 2018 Ford Escape is everything that you need to thrive in the city or on the highway. Stop by Wichita Falls Ford today to learn more about the small SUV and to take it for a test drive.



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