How Electricity is Essential to Performance

The automobile, much like our own bodies, is dependent upon electricity in order to function. It powers some of the most essential parts of the car and makes driving more comfortable and secure. But how is car electricity created?

The alternator serves as a remarkable piece of technology that produces electricity from physical power. Inside of every alternator are rotors that continuously spin to generate an electric current in a process known as induction. 

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What Do Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Mean?

The first place to start might be an explanation of viscosity. It simply means the thickness of a fluid. Temperature and your engine’s specifications determine suitable motor oil viscosity.

The exact numbers imprinted on a bottle of multi-grade motor oil tell you cold and hot weather viscosity. When you look at a bottle that is 10W40, for example, the first number represents the thickness of the oil in cold weather. 

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Travel Tips for a Successful Road Trip

We at Wichita Falls Ford, are delighted whenever a road trip ends well without a hitch. It is quite a happy moment whenever you travel to another area. You need to remember these tips before the start of a trip to avoid any dire impact on you, family, passengers or even the car:

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2017 Ford Explorer Strikes a Chord with MotorWeek Staffers

Are you in the market for a full-size SUV? Well, if so, we here at Wichita Falls Ford feel you should do yourself a favor, and say hello to ours, the 2017 Explorer.

Will you fall for it as fast as we did?

Make that determination by watching the video below; here with more on all things Explorer are the industry experts at MotorWeek:

The Explorer's mid-level engine offering -- a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder -- is altogether outstanding.

Optional with the Base and XLT trims, the turbo-four mates with a six-speed automatic transmission to make a healthy 280 horsepower and…

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